Thursday, January 28, 2016

Remote Access Applications - Mac and PC

Remote Support or Remote Home Access for the Mac and PC

Previously I talked about several options to let you get back to your home workstation, or perhaps you're the "IT-Guy" in the family and you need to help some friends or relatives who aren't nearby with a computer problem.  I've found a couple of videos that will give you some additional information about the products that I talked about for remote-controlling a Mac or PC.

Remote Utilities for PC's.

Currently, my software of choice for remote access to PC's is Remote Utilities.  You can setup a system with host-based software, so you can get in any time you need to, or you can have someone download an agent-version that allows for a one-off remote-control of their system to help them out with a support issue.  The host-mode might be more useful for assisting aging relatives who look to you as their defacto tech support; while the agent-version would be something where you get a call from a friend who has a virus scare.

Remote Utilities has their own Youtube channel with a number of videos, but this is a simple install video that will help you get familiar with what it looks like and how it might work for you.

TeamViewer for PC's and Mac's.

When it comes to Mac's, the product that many have come to use is called TeamViewer.  Much like Remote Utilities, it has a host-based software so you can leave it running on a computer at home to get back to.  Plus it also has what they call a QuickSupport version that you can have your friend or relative download to do one-off support.

This video by JAGTutorials demonstrates how you can get in and setup TeamViewer, as well as how to use it to remote control another computer.  This demonstration is done on a PC, but works very similarly on the Mac.

While both tutorials may be a version old, their functionality hasn't changed noticeably, mostly just the website look.

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