Monday, January 25, 2016

Backing up at Home - Mac Advanced Edition

Backing your Mac up at Home - Advanced Edition

So you've bought into the idea that you really do need to backup your data at home.  Good.  But you want a little more details on just how this is done?  Or maybe you want to have more than just your 3 copies of data from the "3-2-1 backup" rule, because you're running a little home-business and you want to not be down while you wait on getting your Mac back up and running.  This is the place to get that figured out.

Time Machine

First thing, let's make sure you're using your built-in Time Machine backup that came with your Mac to get your regular, daily backups.  This video from Tech Talk America gives a good demonstration on how to setup your Time Machine backup:

Bootable Clone Drive

Now that you've got your base backup running, let's talk about that extra layer, the 4th backup set that you won't likely do every night, but something you might do once a week.  This is a cloned backup.  For making this, I recommend the software by Bombich: Carbon Copy Cloner.

You can use this as free software, in manual mode.  However, for $40, you can get the extra features, including scheduling your backups.  If this is for a home-business, I highly recommend buying the full software.

Once again, I'm going to refer you to David A. Cox for a video tutorial about how to setup making a bootable, cloned copy of your Macintosh HD.

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