Monday, January 25, 2016

Fighting Malware - Malwarebyes for the PC

Software to help fight Malware

If you've got your antivirus running, but from time to time you feel like you might have something 'funny' going on, there are tools out there I've talked about before to use to help double-check and make sure you're squeaky-clean.  One of those tools is Malwarebytes.

They have a paid version that adds some real-time protections for you for $25/year.  I'm not against the paid version, but I typically leave the active defenses to the antivirus and use the free-for-home-use version as a double-check and more in depth cleaner.  The free version doesn't run any scheduled scans, but it's an on-demand version only.  You have to tell it to run a scan.  However, if it does find things, it will work to remove them if that's what you tell it to do.

I'm including a video clip here from Tech Coach Albert that's a beginners guide to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software.  This video should walk you through installing and running the application, as well as what to do when it finds things you should have removed.

Just remember:  If Malwarebytes finds a problem, unless you're 100% sure, it's probably something you want to let it remove.

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