Friday, May 20, 2011

PC: Traveling Light with Portable Apps.

The school season is winding down and we're now looking forward to rushing into the summer, where hopefully we'll get time to do some vacationing.  And just in case you can't completely get away from begin able to check email and such, there is an option out there to let you travel very light by using a suite of applications on a jump-drive you an take with you.

With a 1GB or larger jump drive, you can use PortableApps.Com's application suite you can tote your email, websites, even a suite of office applications with you in case you need to keep an eye out for email you're expecting, or need to edit a document for a client and get it back to them.  All this on a little jump drive instead of totting around your laptop.  Just use the local library or hotel's business center.  The best part is, you just unplug the jump drive and take it with you, leaving all your documents, email, browser favorites and such on your jump drive.

This is an ideal tool as well if you're a student who can't afford your own computer at school.  With the jump drive in hand, you can plug into any student computer at school and be able to access all your documents, email, web browser with favorites, etc.  Just don't forget to unplug it and take it with you!

Unfortunately, PortableApps doesn't have a portable version of DropBox installed with it.  This would make a very nifty tool even more keen.  However, there is a 3rd party add-on, DropBoxU3.  Just remember: If you've upgraded your dropbox past the 2GB free version, you need to account for having enough space to sync anything you put into your Dropbox onto your jump drive.

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